Basil health benefits

Basil leaves are mainly used for herbal medicines and is useful for getting rid of certain diseases. The basil health benefits are brain development, strong bones and teeth, less stress and many more.

What is Basil Leaves?

Basil leaves are leaves which is a herbal plant used for making medicine regarding disturbing health issues.Some say it was originated in China 5000 years ago and some say it was originated in India as it is mostly used there and is considered as a sacred plant especially to the Hinduism religion.

Basil health benefits

Basil health benefits

Basil health benefits:

It does need that much sunlight to grow so most of the people grow them in their houses indoors for its beneficial use. It falls under the sage family section of plants which is also the family of mint plants.

Basil has a very large and many histories like including Greek and Indian Mythology. These two nations contain various mythical stories where of course basil is involved. Both of this mythical stories contain that basil has a magical power of healing people. According to the Greek Mythology it is a symbol of mourning as they used them for the burial or mummification of kings, gods or nobles. According to Indian Mythology it is a herb which protects people from diseases and was human who was protector of poor people. In Hinduism it is considered as a sacred plant which the Hindu people worship especially every morning and is also used as a offering to their gods. IN Greek Mythology it is said that there was a demon called Basilisk who was a dragon shaped creature and it had poisonous bites which could be only cured by the herbal medicine of basil leaves.


Basil health benefits –

Religious Views of Basil Leaves? :

In India as I said before it is considered as a sacred plant especially in Hinduism. According to their legends it is believed that it is a carnation from their Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Indian people mainly call the basil leaf Tulsi in their language and these leaves must be present in their offerings to the gods. They also believe that it was or is a protector of the people from diseases in the afterlife and has magical powers of healing.

Diseases Basil Leaves Mainly Cure? :

  1. Arthritis
  2. Rickets
  3. Cold
  4. Fever
  5. Cancer
  6. Indigestion
  7. Stress and depression
  8. Body Pain
  9. Liver Problems
  10. Diabetes
  11. Poor eye vision

basil health

Basil Health Benefits? :

The health benefits of Basil leaves are:

  • Relives Arthritis and Body Pain
  • Fights Cancer
  • Reduces or fights Fever
  • Makes Digestion process easier
  • Helps in liver functions
  • Fights viruses and bacteria to prevent the body from catching a cold
  • Makes skin beautiful and healthy
  • Removal of heavy stress and depression
  • And helps in Diabetes
  • Curing the disease rickets by making the bones stronger
  • Strong Eye Vision


Basil leaves cure these diseases if they are made properly and taking the right amount of medicine in the right time. Now I don`t know that much recipes of making of the medicine but some squeeze the juice out of it and then drink it and some make a paste which they either eat or apply on their body or face.


Brief Details Of Basil Health Benefits? :

  1. Arthritis

It is a painful disease which makes bone movement hard causing heavy pain and paralyzing the joints for a few minutes. By making herbal medicine with the help of basil leaves which soothes the burning inflammation happening in the joints can relief the pain of arthritis


  1. Strong Bones and Teeth

Rickets is a disease where a person has soft bones due to lack of calcium and vitamin D. Basil leaves has enough calcium and vitamin D in it to cure rickets by making the bones and teeth strong


  1. Healthy Skin

Most of the times especially for girls they have rough and wrinkled skin also skin problems. Basil leaves help to make the skin glow, smooth and soft and not causing any skin problems. As I told you guys before that I don`t know any special recipes but maybe in the case of skin mainly a paste is being made of Basil leaves to apply on our skin.


  • Strong And Healthy Eyesight

Poor eyesight usually occurs due to lack of vitamin A. Basil leaves contain vitamin A and helps to recover your eyes making it healthy.


  • Curing Coldness

People catch cold easily because most people are low immune to it and the most disturbing and painful thing of catching a cold is throat pain. To get rid of cold and throat pain basil leaves are used to prepare medicine to get rid of cold and throat pain. Maybe by making some hot or warm juice extracted from the leaves.


  • Easy Digestion:

Digestion problems occur due to food poising and when the acidity of your stomach increases. With the help of the basil extracting the juice from its leaves and drinking it would neutralize the acid in your stomach making digestion easier.


I know many people like me for myself doesn`t love to drink medicine or juices or apply paste of the because of its bitter taste but that bitter juice or medicine or paste helps us to fight these disturbing diseases. Other medicines definitely helps too but not quick or nor much effective than the natural homemade remedies. It’s cheap and takes a little amount of money and helps us quickly to recover from those diseases. I myself have rheumatoid arthritis and is low immune to coldness but and also did not like to   drink these homemade remedies but I still gave a try   because the pain was unbearable though it did not cure my diseases permanently but it did reduce the pain that I had before very quickly. So be safe and healthy by following the tips that I mentioned in this blog about basil health benefits and how it is beneficial. If you want to know more about our health tips then visit this website. As I always say be safe and healthy and live life to the fullest before we all pass away.

Maareum Islam Khan

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