Coxsackievirus can also spread from one person to another as it is a virus. Hand, foot and mouth disease is a very highly effective infection. It is a mild condition which goes away within a few days.




Symptoms of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease? :

The symptoms include:

  1. Ulcers
  2. Sores inside or around the mouth
  3. Fever
  4. Blisters and rashes around hands or feet or legs
  5. Sore Throat
  6. Catching a cold


Catching a cold s highly more effective because if a person catches a cold heavily then they have a sore throat and starts to have fever after 1 or 2 days.


Coxsackievirus –

Causes of Hand,Foot and Mouth Disease? :

As it is a spreading disease it certainly has causes for a person to have from another person.

  1. Being Unhygienic
  2. Coughing and Sneezing
  3. Saliva
  4. Excretion
  5. Tissue fluid leaked from rashes or blisters
  6. Air Pollution
  7. Abdominal pain

Causes of Hand,Foot and Mouth Disease

Mainly due to being unhygienic the disease occurs and also because of air pollution happening around you when a person sneezes or coughs a lot. And abdominal pain can only be cured by homemade remedies.

Who Are Mainly Effected By This Disease? :

Young children especially under the age of 10 are affected by this disease mainly as they attend the daycares and school which is high risk for young children to get this disease. At this age children start to develop their immune systems to higher level so that’s why most older children are not affected by this disease but young children are as they are low immune or their immune systems start developing. However it can affect the older children children if they still above age of 10 has a low level of immune system.

Who Are Mainly Effected By This Disease

Treatment of this Disease? :

I basically don`t know what the doctors suggest for this disease maybe some syrups, tablets, medicines and herbal medicines. But I can suggest some home easy treatment for this disease which can at least reduce its pain and power.


  1. Gurgling with warm salty water at least 3 times in a day
  2. Drinking cold drink and beverages
  3. Eating and sucking ice cream and popsicles and sherbet
  4. To be hygienic
  5. Avoid eating spicy foods and fruit juices and drinks especially citrus fruits and sodas.

Following these home treatments can almost cure you’re this disease.

Will this Disease Happen Again After Being Affected Once? :

Most of the time the answer is no because as the person being affected by this disease once becomes immune of it but because that coxsackievirus is caused by several different viruses and if the person`s immune system is low then it might happen more than once.


Prevention of this Disease? :

We can prevent from this disease from happening is by:

  1. Good Hand Washing

Parents can teach their children of good hand washing system and rules to keep their children hygiene


  1. Being Hygienic

Parent must clean their house almost every day to keep it fresh and clean and must bath their children at least once in a day time and also must wash their clothes and toys regularly to keep them clean and safe from germs.

Staying at home if effected by the disease

If your child is effected by the disease then its better for him/her to stay at home rather than going outside and lose contact for a while with other children to prevent the disease from happening and by doing treatment for your children.

Be safe and sound especially to young children under the age of 10. And if your child has low immune system then make sure to immediately start treating him/her. Children are our future and only they can make the world a better place. Coxsackievirus is mild but very irritating and disturbing and harmful for the children under 10. If you want more health tips then make sure to check out this website. Always be safe and sound because its better to be safe than sorry.

Maareum Islam Khan

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