How to Relive Stress Naturally?

Every human being in the world gets stressed which cause major health problems and people even kill themselves due to stress as they sink deeper into depression. Today We will Talk about natural stress relief, and also know about How to Relive Stress Naturally.

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Causes and Effects of Stress?

Stress happens anytime due to:

  • Too much worrying and tensions about something
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Taking too much Caffeine
  • Study or family pressure
  • Being Angry,
  • Unhappiness
  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Loneliness and isolation

Too much stress can cause major diseases and as I said before people who are more sensitive become prone to suicide. Major diseases that stress can cause are:

  • Heart Diseases and Attacks
  • Personality Disorder
  • Depression
  • Chronic Stress
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity

And many more.

fun stress relieving activities

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How to Relive Stress Naturally?

To relive stress is super easy, satisfying and fun for example:

  1. Expressing Yourself

By expressing yourself you can distract yourself from your problems and tensions by listening to music, watching fun movies, drawing and making crafts and most importantly writing a journal or diary of all your daily activities, secrets and painful or happy moments which helps you to relax and you can feel as if you told someone.


  1. Laughing

Laughing helps us to relax a lot because it snatches us from our painful things. You can laugh by recalling happy memories, reading comic books and joke books and watch funny videos.


  1. Playing Games

One of the best and fun way I admit to distract ourselves from stress is playing games. Games are such good distracters and addictive for which we even forget what is happening around us and even distracts us from studies. There are a lot of action, thrilling and horror games and for bookish people there are also bookish games to play. By playing a game your mind relaxes and chills a lot.


  1. Listening to Music, Singing Songs, Watching Movies and Dancing

If you listen to beautiful songs it helps you to calm your mind and dancing will take out all your sorrows and everything. You can watch great movies or reality shows. By doing these things you will feel like you are in that particular era which you imagine yourself.

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  1. Reading and Writing Books and Poems

Reading is also another way of you chilling of because such stories make you feel of time travel. You get lost in a different world. And writing them will help you to express yourself and you will feel like as if you told someone everything for which no harm may come to you.


  1. Vacation

Another best way is going on a vacation. It helps you to clear your mind and you can enjoy yourself by watching and exploring many new things in a place you go also by discovering many new things. Your mind can relax and recharge. Best location is beach areas as there is always fresh air to breathe and swimming in the water helps you to relax too. You can also go for skydiving or bungee jumping for mind relaxation.


  1. Sharing with a Friend

If you share your secrets and painful moments with your friend whom you can trust and think he/she will not beak your trust then you will feel as if a huge burden or a stone has been removed from your chest and you will feel very relived. But don`t share too much information because beware of whom you can trust.


  1. Hugging and Cuddling with your Pets and Your Loved Ones

Hugging will always relive you form stress because when you hug someone you feel as if you are safe and that everything will be okay. By petting an animal will help your mind relax and cuddling with your loved ones will make you feel loved and that you are not alone and you will always have their support.

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  1. Breaking Something, Screaming and Crying

When you think you are about to explode in frustration then go to a quiet place and scream as much as you want though no much as it will cause throat pain later on. If you can`t hold something painful then burst into tears because if you don`t cry your headaches will start making you mentally sick. When you are very angry then break something like glass, throwing papers and stuff all over the floor making a mess because doing this all your frustration and anger will come out making you calm and gentle. Just be sure by breaking stuff you don`t harm yourself or anyone.


  1. Good Sleep

Good sleep is very important for your health both mentally and physically. Your mind and body both will relax and chill getting itself some rest. Appropriate time for a good sleep is from 10 am to 8am. A human must maximum sleep for 8 ours and minimum for 6 hours to get a relaxed and fresh mind and body.


  1. Playing with Slime, Fidget spinner and Toys

Slime is very relaxing and satisfying. Playing with it will always help you to relax your mind. When you play squeeze a slime or stress ball or when you poke a slime it feels so relaxing! By playing with toys will make you happy as it will remind you of your childhood and also will distract you from all your problems and sorrows.


Follow these activities and you will be stress free in no time. Don`t kill yourself by sinking deep with stress because life will be better. Always remember you are born to be a fighter and have to fight all your problems with life rather than killing yourself. People are born because they have a motive to complete. By fighting these problems, you will find your motive which will make your life better. If you want to know more about our health tips then make sure to follow this website. Be safe and sound!


-Maareum Islam Khan




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