The 7 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Today our topic is about weight loss which is a major issue of humans in the whole world especially to the women. Here are some friendly weight loss foods which can prevent your excess weight gain.

Weight Loss

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Consequences of Weight Loss?

Bad Effects

This activity is mostly done by women in order to lose their weight. Most of the women even completely stop eating in order to lose their weight which is very dangerous to their and your health. If you completely stop eating then you become the victim of the disease anorexia which is very dangerous and leads to death. In this disease people becomes very skinny and thin at such an extent that they their body systems stop working. Consequences of anorexia is very dangerous like:

  • Irregular Periods
  • Pale and Papery Skin
  • No Proper Growth
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So to overcome this disease we have to lose our weight according to our age.

Good Effects

If your weight is accurate according to your age then you will be fit and healthy. With perfect weight loss we can so many possibilities like becoming more flexible, easy dancing and cheerleading and many more.

To remain healthy like this here some tips:

  • Regular Proper Exercise
  • Eating A Balanced Diet Food

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Weight Loss Friendly Foods?

To lose weight we don`t have to stop eating but we can eat these foods in order to both remain healthy and fit and lose our weight.

  1. Fruits

Fruits are very healthy and delicious and if we at them pure then no matter how much fruits you will eat your weight will never increase. They are ripe and very healthy and perfect and in some point energetic for you as they also contain minerals and vitamins. They have natural sugars in them carrying low carbs causing no stomach problems. Dry fruits such as nuts are also very good especially for your brain.

2. Vegetables ( Especially Boiled or Steamed even sometimes Cooked)

I know many people are not very big fans of vegetables as they are for fruits at least but you must understand that they are also very healthy and nutritious for your body which will prevent weight gain and cause weight loss keeping you healthy. Vegetables contain rich minerals and vitamins in them not to mention proteins, carbohydrates and fats. They are much healthier if we boil them or steam them like potatoes and salads and also healthy if cooking like leaf vegetables and beans also raw like olives and corns.

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3.Fish and Chicken

Most of the people think that eating meat will increase your weight which is mostly wrong. They do gain weight but only a little which is effective in your body. Fish and chicken is example of one kind. They contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates in them which are needed for your body. Only beef and mutton increases your weight rapidly. They are also very delicious when we cook them. Sea fishes such as tuna, salmon are also very good for your health and fish oil never contains bad cholesterol but good cholesterol which removes the bad cholesterol from your body.

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Another most delicious food my favorite. Whenever I go to restaurants soups are a must for me because they are yummy, delicious, and healthy and is a good source for weight loss unless butter and cream or milk is not added there.  Thai soups, corn soups all are very effective for your body eating them will also provide a good energy source for your body as they also contain low carbs. They also contain high vitamins and water in them.


One of my favorite desserts especially strawberry flavor yogurts. They contain zero fat in them and are delicious and helps in your stomach digestion. It is an perfect dairy food containing no fat all but low fat yogurts do as they contain sugars but full fat yogurts don`t contains sugars in them so they are the best for your body.

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                                                        Diet food recipes for weight loss –

6. Juices

A favorite drink of mine other than cold drinks because they have zero fat in them just like yogurts and are perfect for summer. They are very yummy and healthy for your body giving you energy, water and minerals by clenching your thirst too. It is much healthier than drinks and cold drinks. I still carry juice with me whenever I go because I love drinking juice and hope that you guys do too.

7. Cereals and Corn Flakes and Brown Bread

These items are perfect especially for breakfast and I eat them regularly in order to maintain my weight. They give huge amount of energy and is good for your stomach with low fat causing no weight gain. Brown Bread is very good as it contains dietary fiber and cereals and corn flakes contains carbohydrates and proteins.

what to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks

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Today I enjoyed writing this article because I love sharing weight loss tips as I follow them regularly and my weight is perfect according to my body and age. And I also suggest you people to follow these tips without causing anorexia or death situations because these foods they do not cause any harm in your body including weight gain. We all need energy for our body to work so we have to feed it accordingly. Many people avoid breakfast which is the most important meal of the day but let me tell you with this you are harming your body and if it leads to a death situation then it is considered almost as suicide. So make sure you eat properly and be safe and healthy. If you want to know more about our health tips then make sure to check out this website. Be fit and safe!

-Maareum Islam Khan

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